VHS to DVD Conversion

Don’t let your Video tapes die. Preserved and protected them by using our VHS to DVD conversion service.

Vhs to Dvd conversions on all tapes on site, Drop in and collect.

VHS to DVD Conversion_swords_dublin

VHS to DVD Conversion_swords_dublin

All video tapes and Camcorder tapes age and you could be losing those precious memories. DVDs don’t wear out in the same way as tapes so this is a great way to keep your memoirs alive by using our VHS to DVD conversion Service, a. Magnetic tape life is limited, after just 15 years the base tape shows sign of decay. It is increasingly difficult to get older video cameras and players repaired so you are at risk of equipment failure.

 We can transfer all range f Digital8, Video 8, 8mm, Hi8, SUPER VHS, VHS, SUPER VHS-C, VHS-C, MiniDV, HDV and DVCAM to DVD. Each of your original tapes will be copied exactly onto a new DVD (up to 4 hours to preserve quality). We can provide multiple copies for your friends or relatives, sharing your joy with others. Discs are region free and can be played anywhere in the world.

All our vhs to dvd conversions work is basis on the that you are the video copyright owner or that you have been given permission from the copyright owner to duplicate the tape. Commercial VHS tapes can be copied to DVD if you were the original purchaser of the material. Most other tapes, including school plays, christenings, holidays, wedding and party videos as a rule are not subject to copyright and as such can be copied with no problems. The contents of all your material is kept strictly confidential. At no time will any contents or material be disclosed to a third party. All video files are wiped clean from my equipment straight away.

 How can I place an order?

 Drop into us at the OfficePlus, 21 Town Centre Mall, Swords and let us convert your VHS Tapes to DVD

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and care whilst handling vhs to dvd conversion tapes and we promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Whilst our state-of-the-art machines ensure maximum video quality, we also clean every tape before conversion and provide a repair service for damaged tapes.  Orders are usually completed and returned within 1-2 days.